Fantasy (Dream Mix)

by Devoleb

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New remix of "Fantasy" from the EP Album, ABANDON.

Written, composed, recorded, mixed, and produced by Ashen Witherburn.


"Stones were cast, stones were cast into the sea.

Changing tides unto the fates of you and me.

Alone was I, alone was I until you came

To show me Light inside my world of Darkness and Decay.

Wake up,

I don't want to wake up

This was only just a dream;

I was your fantasy,

But you were real to me.

Bridges form, bridges form across the sky,

Joining worlds, joining worlds of you and I.

There we were together, spiritually as one.

Burning bright, burning brighter than the sun.

Wake up,

I don't want to wake up

This was only just a dream

It was all a fantasy,

But you were real to me.

Little did I know, little did I know this wouldn't last.

Haunted by the ghosts and demons of our future's past.

In my arms, in my arms you cried and said:

'I just want.... I just wanted to forget.'

Wake up...

How can I ever wake up

From this never-ending dream?

To you I was a fantasy,

But you'll always be real to me."


released November 13, 2016



all rights reserved


Devoleb Seattle, Washington

"Devoleb" is a dark electronic music project of Ashen Witherburn, revolving around tortured romance, misanthropy, darkness, emotional introspection, philosophy, and the essence of the Divine Feminine. Every sound encompasses the embodiment of the project's name and meaning: the word beloved spelled in reverse, like looking into a mirror and seeing one's soulmate in a broken reflection. ... more

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